Zibi Community Utility: powering the region’s first zero-carbon-emissions community

Industrial effluents may not readily be associated with combatting climate change or a reduction in carbon emissions but with a little creativity, energy recovery from effluents can do just that.


The Zibi Community, a 34-hectare waterfront community on the Ottawa River, is a District Energy System relying on energy recovery from effluents from Kruger Products’ Gatineau Plant for heating, and the Ottawa River for cooling. This innovative system – the first in North America to use post-industrial waste heat recovery in a master-planned community – will make Zibi the region’s first zero-carbon-emission community.


In October 2020, Hydro Ottawa, via its affiliate Hydro Ottawa Limited – the electricity distribution company – partnered with Zibi Canada and Kruger Products to create Ottawa’s first carbon-neutral community by implementing a district energy cooling and heating system to power the Zibi development. This partnership is a first in the region, creating a model for zero-carbon district energy.


“Zibi’s district energy system is a testament to the power of connection – through partnership, innovation, and a desire to create a future far more sustainable than the past,” says Bryce Conrad, President and CEO, Hydro Ottawa. “By adopting a futurist perspective, we’ve elevated our business lines, products and strategies to meet our community’s environmental expectations and energy needs.”

Zibi tenants and residents will be able to take pride in living and working in one of Canada’s most sustainable communities and realize energy savings by using a temperature controlling application on their mobile devices.